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Rwanda Safaris

Rwanda is a highly elevated landlocked country situated on the Albertine Rift Mountains that contour the Albertine branch of the East African Rift, south of the equator in the African Great Lakes region with subtropical to the temperate climate. Its geography is dominated by panoramic mountains in the west and savanna grassland to the east with numerous lakes. The stunning scenery consists of incredible wildlife, volcanoes, wetlands, grasslands and rolling hills throughout which gives it the name a “Land of a Thousand Hills”. Rwanda is the premiere destination for gorilla and chimpanzee primate tracking, diverse bird life. The epitome of adventure is life changing culture creativity engraved in works of art, architecture, traditional intore dance, historic museums, and genocide memorials. Lakes with crystal clear water tenders' ambiance environment ideal for holiday in romantic resorts along the clean beaches with an option of marine activities adventure.

10 Days Rwanda Safari